Grazing for life
How grazing animals can put fertility back into worn out soils.

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Health from the ground up

Soil is the basis of our health, wealth and happiness. So it makes sense to take good care of it.


Salad bar for cows

Flowers aren’t just for the bees. Why we’re all a lot better off when there are flowering plants in the pasture.


Farming for carbon

Farmer and Nuffield scholar Robert Richmond finds out how grazing and soil carbon are linked.


What's Your Beef?

A pioneering National Trust study of beef shows grass-based systems can play a big part in storing carbon and off-setting emissions.


A walk on the wild side

Farmer Henry Edmonds recreates chalk grassland.

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How real foods from animals on pasture can protect your health and make you feel better.

Environment width=
Grasslands and grazing animals safeguard the environment and bring life to the countryside.

Farming width=
Tales of the countryside stars who make our foods healthier and our nation stronger.

Food width=
The food industry doesn't want you to know this - real foods from grassland taste better and do you good.

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Find out how Pasture Promise is trying to change farming for the better.


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