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Welcome to Pasture Promise TV, the site dedicated to real food and a vibrant, living countryside. We’re all about grasslands and grazing because we believe they make our lives better. They produce the healthiest foods without the need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This means they can protect our environment and wildlife while giving us a secure and sustainable food supply. Surely something worth celebrating?

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Decades of over-reliance on chemicals have robbed many arable soils of their life and fertility. With the organic matter gone the chemicals don't work any more. This is why wheat yields have been frozen for years. The best way to bring life back to degraded arable lands is to introduce pasture and grazing. Meet Tom Chapman, the grazing specialist who wants to bring big cattle herds back to the wheat plains of East Anglia.
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Farming in Balance
A Wiltshire Organic Farmer finds traditional methods solve many of today's most pressing problems.
Farming Unplugged
Taking the chemicals out of farming
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End Global Warming

Why climate change experts need to start thinking about grassland.


Oxford Real Farming Conference

Robert Plumb asks the question: "How do you raise soil fertility?"


Grazing for life

How grazing animals can put fertility back into worn out soils.


Who says cattle are criminals?

Environmental consultant and farmer Dave Stanley doesn't. He believes they're the planet's best friends.


Farming for carbon

Farmer and Nuffield scholar Robert Richmond finds out how grazing and soil carbon are linked.


The future is grass

With all the talk of mega-dairies, one young farmer checks out the options and comes down firmly on the side of grassland and grazing.


The really healthy diet

Doctor and nutritionist Natasha Campbell-McBride challenges some popular myths about healthy diets.


A Question of Justice

A group of farmers near Bristol pioneer a new way of marketing good food to local people.


Do nothing farming

What happens when you work with nature instead of battling against it? Something amazing, that’s what.


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How real foods from animals on pasture can protect your health and make you feel better.

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Grasslands and grazing animals safeguard the environment and bring life to the countryside.

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Tales of the countryside stars who make our foods healthier and our nation stronger.

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The food industry doesn't want you to know this - real foods from grassland taste better and do you good.

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Find out how Pasture Promise is trying to change farming for the better.






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